About Kamakshi Media
We create exceptional audio experiences for our customers by giving a voice to their brand and creating the best in class podcast series. We provide podcast production, distribution, audience engagement, audience analytics and reporting services.

We also consult with brands who want to launch their own podcast.

Audio brings a new flavour to high quality content. Storytelling in audio is an innovative marketing solution which can increase engagement and maximize ROI for customers.

Kamakshi Media began operations in January 2016, with the goal  to create highest quality audio content in English as well as regional languages of India, and find innovative ways to distribute them. We create custom shows for businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

As of October 2016, we produce three podcasts: Baalgatha (Childrens’ stories distributed over WhatsApp), MyKitaab (Book Publishing in India), and NRI:Now, Returned to India (Audiobook). All three podcasts have been featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy and have received multiple 5-Star reviews.

What we do

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About Kamakshi Media